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Our team consists of experienced drilling engineers, geologists, directional drilling and mud engineers along with mechanical and electrotechnical specialists. Backed by a highly motivated and well-trained workforce that is recognised for its flexibility and commitment we are able to combine internationally acquired project and professional experience that goes back more than 30 years.

This hands-on experience and skills base was pooled in 2019 with the establishment of the new IDMG company. Our main focus of activity is drilling technology, with all its wide ranging technical aspects, and the challenging domain of complex project assignments. As a young company with innovative business concepts we are ready to confront the national and international world of the project business, with special emphasis on demanding, high-tech drilling operations. The strong innovative capacity, flexibility and flat organisational structure of IDMG make for the successful execution of challenging projects of all kinds.

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Drilling has been closely associated with the mining industry for hundreds of years and techniques such as exploratory drilling, wireline coring, freeze hole boring and directional drilling are all prerequisites for the successful and economically viable extraction of deposits and raw materials of all kinds. Deposits mining has always been a driver of innovation when it comes to drilling technology - and this often works both ways.

Drilling expertise is also essential for delivering success when implementing infrastructure projects such as tunnelling works and permanent disposal sites for radioactive materials, for example.

In addition to the aforementioned activities we can also provide a range of supporting services, including rock freezing, borehole decommissioning and all associated planning work.

Our technology capabilities encompass this broadly diversified field of tasks and activities. We are able to provide a full range of proficient and well-proven solutions and services. Our aim is to deliver the best possible outcomes with the greatest benefit to our clients and to do so even under the most challenging technical, geological and infrastructural conditions.

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By recruiting a diverse mix of talents and skills IDMG has managed to combine decades of successful drilling and shaft sinking experience acquired from the raw materials industry, from infrastructure schemes and from exploratory work on permanent storage facilities. We know these areas well, we know their specific needs and we have what it takes to meet their requirements and make them a reality. Our growing team of highly qualified specialists is able to work with clients to create sustainable value for future generations.

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Our team at IDMG is experienced, efficient and highly qualified.

Due to an extraordinary level of identification with the company and flat hierarchies, our workforce excels through their exceptionally high level of commitment and flexibility.

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